Custom Record Sleeves

Equipment: Rotary Cutter, Silhouette Cameo

Supplies: Poster board, Oracal 651 vinyl, sticker paper, Oracal 631 Transparent Vinyl, It’s a Small World Disney record

Challenge / Purpose: Create a wedding invitation that fuses wedding theme with vinyl (i.e., the kind that produces sound and the kind that produces visual art)

Process: As part of my series of personal invitations, I created a record holder and label. I first created a blank record case using poster board and a rotary cutter (with the original record holder as a template). Next, I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut out a number of words that related to my wedding and organized them into a pseudo-word cloud / wordle on the back of the record. For the front of the record I “borrowed” Jarrod Maruyama’s It’s A Small World illustration (original found here and it is awesome: and combined it with some vinyl lettering and adornments.

For the center of the record, I included a few of the illustration motifs and the unique password for our website on sticker paper and covered it with transparent vinyl so it could still be played.

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