Blue Sky Vineyards

Equipment: Laser Cutter, Laminator

Supplies: Wine bottle, wooden wine box, birch veneer, printer paper, Disney Park maps

Challenge / Purpose: Create a consumable wedding invitation

Process: This project was one of the most challenging, not due to the laser cutter, but due to the wine label! To make this invitation, I first removed the wine label from an existing bottle of Barefoot Rose Wine. Using Photoshop, I made a replacement that reflected the colors and location of my wedding. I first printed off the label on sticker paper and tried to adhere it to the bottom, but the result ended up looking too homemade and inexpensive. What I ended up doing after some experimentation, was to take the printed label, laminate the label, and store the wine bottle in the wine box with elastic around it to bend the wine label to the correct curvature for adhesion. After keeping the wine bottle like this for about 2-3 weeks, I was finally able to glue the wine label to the bottle and get the glossy, lux look I desired.

Once the label fiasco was over, I then used a blank wine box from Amazon and a laser cutter to etch the faux name of the wine vineyard on top of the box and an abstract mickey head I found online to the side. The last step was to source some birch veneer that matched the wine box and laser cut the attendee’s password into it for the bottom of the box.

To tie everything together, I shredded some old park maps and put them inside the wine box as packing material.

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