Rainbow Bow and Blank

Equipment: Airbrush, Silhouette Cameo

Supplies: Oracal 631 vinyl, Oracal 651 vinyl, Vinylmation plastic toys, airbrush paint, paint thinner, paint solvent

Challenge / Purpose: Create personalized wedding favors (and table placecards) that reflected our colors and theme and would be lightweight and whimsical!

Process: To create these custom wedding favors, I first pulled each Vinylmation apart (i.e., detached the head, arms, bows, and feet) and then used paint thinner and solvent to remove the paint the Vinylmations. Once dry, I airbrushed each segment of the Vinylmations white (and created stencils of a bow tie using my Silhouette Cameo machine and Oracal 631 000 Transparent Vinyl). I placed each stencil on the Vinylmation, painted the bowtie using our airbrush, and painted the bows for the girl vinylmations. Once this was done, I created ‘M & F’ ‘4/22/2015’ decals out of the Oracal 651 vinyl and applied them to the heads and body backs of each Vinylmation.

As a final nod to LEGO, we hot glued a unique LEGO piece, that corresponded to a LEGO piece each attendee had selected during their RSVP, to each vinylmation, so they would not only be favors, but also seat markers.


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