unnamedHello!  I am an HCI researcher who is currently the principal of MishMashMakers , a design, research, and prototyping consultancy that seeks to improve access to digital fabrication techniques and computational design by developing techniques, blue prints, and proof-of-concept prototypes to reduce the technology barriers that makers encounter, thus empowering non-technical users to realize their creative potential. In the same spirit, I am also the owner of an online craft supply shop, JaMaK Vinyl, which sources and sells craft supplies for hobbyists and crafters so that they can unleash their creativity.

My research is always focused on how to improve our access to, and the usability of, technology. During my PhD and Post-Doc, I focused on issues related to the acquisition of new skills within the fabrication and making domain, in addition to innovations in input and interaction. In the past, I have focused on how multi-touch devices could be integrated into occupational and physical therapy programs and on uncovering the fundamental issues with pen-based interfaces.  I also know a thing or two about fabric-based computing, data visualization, virtual reality, web services, and signal processing.

*** If you are wondering if I would be a good fit to review a paper, I am comfortable reviewing: ***

  • Pen computing (including touch and stylus latency, unintended touch / palm rejection, etc.)
  • Multi-touch tabletops (including proxemics and interaction techniques)
  • Digital fabrication (systems to help novices more so than new 3D printing techniques)
  • Mobile computing (smartwatches, tablets, and mobile phones more so than head-mounted wearables)
  • Applications of technology to physical and occupational therapy or rehabilitation
  • Virtual Reality applications

I am a PhD graduate from the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who was advised by Dr. Walter F. Bischof. I held an NSERC-funded Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the DGP Lab at the University of Toronto with Dr. Daniel Wigdor and Dr. Tovi Grossman at Autodesk Research. While at the UofA, I was supervised by Dr. Walter F. Bischof and worked with Dr. Anoop Gupta and Dr. Paul Dietz from Microsoft Research. My PhD dissertation on the challenges with pen-based input can be found here. My MSc in Computing Science was completed in 2009 under the supervision of Dr. Bischof. A digital copy of my MSc thesis is available here. I completed my BSc in Computing Science in 2007.

In the summer of 2012, I was an intern at Microsoft Research in Redmond working with Dr. Anoop Gupta and  Dr. Paul Dietz (now with Misapplied Sciences) on some tablet and stylus-based projects. After my internship concluded, I combined my internship research with my thesis and worked with Walter, Anoop, and Paul on a number of very exciting pen-based projects that ended up comprising my dissertation. In the winter term of 2011, I was also a research intern in the User Interface group at Autodesk Research in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While at Autodesk, I worked with Dr. Tovi Grossman, Dr. George Fitzmaurice, and Dr. Daniel Widgor on developing a proximity-aware multi-touch tabletop (and associated interaction techniques).

Outside of research, I collect Disney Vinylmations (I’m a big Disney/Pixar fan) and LEGO Architecture sets, enjoy running/walking (ran my first 10K this year!), and am an avid cross-stitcher. Also, I am married to the wonderful Fraser Anderson, who is an HCI researcher at Autodesk Research.

Contact Info:

email: mkannett at gmail.com
twitter: @mkannett