M3 (MishMashMakers)

We make things so you can too!


Looking to set up a makerspace? Want advice on the feasibility or techniques to use for your project? Need someone to transform your napkin sketch into a physical artifact? M3’s expertise can help you plan, design, and build your next fabrication space or prototype in an efficient and informed way.

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Need help with experiment design, data analysis, or synthesis? Looking for a hand to keep everyone on schedule for that conference deadline? Want an extra set of editing eyes on your manuscripts?  Our years of academic and industry experience enable M3 to provide academic advice and services to meet every timeline.

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Labs is where we explore and create solutions to improve fabrication processes and workflows. From developing novel techniques and technology to assist with ideation and project planning, to systems that help users fabricate, assemble, and interact with artifacts, Labs enables M3 endless opportunities for limitless exploration.

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